Top 5 Advantages of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Despite all the shortcomings of Cyberpunk 2077 of last year and the negative background that had arisen around it, there is something good about it. Yes, the management of CD Projekt RED had brazenly deceived everyone for so many years. Yes, the console version came out unplayable and totally buggy. Yes, the studio completely destroyed the trust of everyone in general: fans, critics, journalists, partners, everyone who bought games and posters or created them in free poster maker in amateurs’ way.

But let’s try to look first of all not at the “merits” of the top management of CD Projekt and PR specialists, but at the work of the developers, those who are also unhappy with the situation. After all, it is clear that the team put their whole soul into the game, even if in many ways they obviously did not tighten it up. We have selected five key advantages of Cyberpunk 2077, after all, this game can be proud of at least something.


It’s important to understand that Cyberpunk 2077 is not a nextgen game at all. It’s just that a lot of modern and fashionable technologies were imposed on a good engine, which made what we see in the end. The main graphics chips are visible in literally every screenshot if it was taken on a PC with maximum graphics settings.

The engineers of CD Projekt RED managed to hang so many jokes on the game in addition to ray tracing, DLSS, and other features that sometimes the beauty of the picture just blows away. The weapon models are stunning and the scenery and views of Night City are breathtaking.


Although CD Projekt RED did well with hand-to-hand combat, leveling, balance, driving cars, and shooting in Cyberpunk 2077. All representatives of a rather impressive arsenal look and sound cool, which causes extremely positive emotions. Pressing the handle of a shotgun can rip an untidy opponent to shreds, and a well-aimed sniper can burst the enemy’s head like a watermelon.

Cyberpunk 2077 1

Keanu Reeves and His Johnny Silverhand

Show us at least one person who doesn’t like Reeves? He won the hearts of millions not only with his acting but also with workaholism. And now it’s the turn of game fans to appreciate Reeves’ skills, and Cyberpunk 2077 had proven to be a terrific platform for that. To fully appreciate the contribution of Keanu Reeves to the game, it is enough to spend several evenings behind it.

The John Wick star didn’t just walk into the studio to record five lines and scan his face. He worked and gave all the best as if he was shooting in another film. With it, thousands of animations, lines of dialogues, just funny comments, and much more were recorded. Well, his character – Johnny Silverhand – turned out to be an excellent alter-ego of the main character, whom he really wants to smudge and kill, but at the same time, he had some regrets.

However, the impression of the actor’s work can only be appreciated when playing with the original voice acting. The dubbing actor tried but did not live up to the original. A voice-over specialist does not stand next to a Hollywood actor of the first magnitude in terms of the quality of intonation, remarks, and emotions.

Development of Additional Quests

The scriptwriters and quest designers of CD Projekt RED have proved to everyone that they have no equal in terms of developing additional tasks. And Cyberpunk 2077 was another confirmation of that. Many pollacks are not inferior in quality and depth to tasks from the main plot. All of them are executed with a touch of absurdity and humor, and some make you think seriously.

Cyberpunk 2077 2


The Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack is by far our favorite soundtrack we’ve heard in a video game. The composers of CD Projekt RED have recorded many unique compositions for RPGs for any situation, whether it be an adrenaline gunfight in a backyard or a thoughtful dialogue with characters. Well, the track after the final credits naturally evokes goosebumps and makes you think again about the complexity of the universe.

Cyberpunk 2077 is compatible with both next-generation consoles! What does it mean? Your copy of the PS4 game can run on PS5. Accordingly, anyone who buys the game on Xbox One is able to play it on Xbox Series X. In the future, developers want to release the Cyberpunk 2077 update, which will make the best use of the technical advantages of the next-generation consoles.

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