Top 5 Gaming Podcasts To Listen To In 2021


The IT guys at work have done their best to lock down the computers, blocking access to GameSpace and every other gaming site in an attempt to keep me from wasting time at work. I can always pull up a browser on my phone but that just isn’t the same. So when I need to get my gaming fix at work, or anywhere else for that matter, I turn to video game podcasts. You can find podcasts that cover gaming news, game reviews, PC hardware, consoles, and just about anything else you can think of. I listen to a ton of different podcasts, but today I am sharing the five podcasts that I make sure to listen to every week. All of them can be found at the websites I’ve linked below or through most any podcast service of your choice. I hope you enjoy what they have to offer, and be sure to list your favorites in the comments below.

5 – Major Nelson Radio

  • First Episode: Major Nelson was sharing Xbox news long before the term ‘podcast’ was coined
  • Frequency: Every Friday
  • Number of Episodes: The original episodes didn’t have number, but currently on episode 740
  • Website: Podcasts Archive – Xbox’s Major Nelson

There’s no better way to get caught up on everything Xbox than from Mr. Xbox himself, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb. Larry’s podcast is full of insider info about everything Xbox but goes so much further than that. He has lots of special guests from inside Xbox to discuss different features of the Xbox platform. There are also interviews with guests from around the gaming industry, touching on works in progress and upcoming releases.

4 – Remember The Game?

Saving the news for a different podcast, host Adam Blanks grabs a guest, and together they jump into the Wayback Machine and discuss a game from their past. Sometimes you’ll agree, sometimes you won’t, but each episode with Andy is a trip down memory lane that will have you ready to dig your old console out of the closet and fire it up for some nostalgic fun.

3 – What’s Good Games

The all-female cast of Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer prove that gaming isn’t just for nerdy boys; nerdy girls can get in on the fun too. With years of experience in gaming, the trio touches on all of the latest gaming news, gives their take on upcoming games, and provide a perspective that is often overlooked in a testosterone-heavy industry.

2 – Video Game Outsiders

Hosted by John Jacobsen and Michell Madison, along with Matt, VGO brings an oftentimes NSFW look at all things gaming. Once you make it past John’s cringe-inducing plead to smash the juicy red sub button, you’ll be treated to each host’s 10-second spotlight (that usually ends up taking an hour or more) of the games they’ve been playing, followed by a recap of the previous week’s gaming news. Filled with more dysfunction than your average family vacation, each podcast is packed with rants, laughs, and some of the weirdest special guests around. Every time you think the hilarious train wreck can’t get any worse, one of their holiday specials will come around and prove it can.

1 – KindaFunny Games Daily

  • First Episode: June 19, 2017
  • Frequency: Daily, 10AM PT
  • Number of Episodes: Thousands!
  • Website: Kinda Funny

Just one of the many KindaFunny podcasts and shows, KindaFunny Games Daily gives you all the news you need to know each and every weekday. Running approximately one hour, hosts Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and/or Blessing Adeoye Jr., along with a wide array of guest hosts, KFGD hits on all of the hot gaming stories of the last 24 hours, along with a list of the day’s new release games.

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Old enough to have played retro games when they were still cutting edge, Mitch has been a gamer since the 70s. As his game-fu fades (did he ever really have any?), it is replaced with ever-stronger, and stranger, opinions. If that isn't the perfect recipe for a game reviewer, what is?

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