Torchlight III devs introduce the Sharpshooter class

A new class has been added to Torchlight III that is currently in closed alpha testing. Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have revealed the Sharpshooter hero class. As the name implies, Sharpshooters are adept in the use of ranged weapons and magical trinkets. The class is devastating from range and is adept at taking down enemies from a distance.

Here are a few factoids about the Sharpshooter:

  • the signature weapon for the class is a bow, though Sharpshooters can also use long guns
  • the class can summon spirits to assist in battle such as an ancient rat spirit, a great eagle, or the spirit of Shasta, a ghostly wolf
  • other abilities include Scatter Shot, Heart Seeker, and Targeted Strikes

Developers have penned a lengthy blog about Sharpshooters that includes a smattering of lore, information about the class’s development, and a look at each of the skills available. Those lucky enough to be participating in the Closed Alpha can check out Sharpshooters immediately.

Learn more about Sharpshooters by visiting the Torchlight III official site.

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