Torchlight III Previews Player Forts

The latest in a series of design diaries from the Torchlight III development team at Echtra Games has arrived. This time, viewers will get a firsthand look at the Fort system. A fort is a player’s bastion of safety and is one of the cornerstones of TL3‘s gameplay features.

Forts offer players a place to hide away from the terrors of the game world but also provide a customizable playground that is said to provide “endless possibilities”. As players travel throughout the game, they will collect treasures that can be displayed in their personal fort. Other treasures can be crafted with items collected in their journey. Forts are more than glorified display cases, however, and can be used as a hub to meet up with friends, swap out skills, and armor. Players can construct utilitarian structures for crafting any number of items.

According to the developer blog, “Best of all, Forts are account-wide! All of your characters contribute to the same Fort so the buildings, recipes, upgrades, and resources from one character can be used by another.”

Learn more about forts by visiting the Torchlight III official site.

TL3 will launch later in 2020.

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