Torchlight III Revealed New Class – Cursed Captain

Torchlight III Revealed New Class - Cursed Captain

The developers of aRPG Torchlight III have taken to Steam to reveal the new class coming to the game. The Cursed Captain is a new mid-range class for the lovers of large cannons and summons. It will be making its voyage into the game with the next free update.

In addition to the Cursed Captain’s new class-specific weapon (the cannon), its attire also includes a new class-specific armor type – capes.

“The Captain fully realizes an archetype of class not yet fulfilled – the Summoner. While some of the other classes do have the capacity to summon minions, the Captain is the first to dive deep into that mechanic. Cannoneers, Riflemen, standard Crewmates, and your First Mate all can join you in combat, should you include them in your build. As the captain of this crew, you have the power to command them! You can order the crew to relocate, perform extra skills on demand, or focus fire on a specific target using the Black Spot debuff.

If leading a crew of undead seafarers is not to your liking, the Cursed Captain is also a powerhouse on their own, packing a wide array of cursed magic and explosive skills. Instead of paying Doubloons to your Crew, load them up into your trusty cannon and fire them with the Plunderbuss skill, or order your flagship to fire a deadly broadside onto your foes from afar… or, simply bring the flagship directly into the fight. Yes, I do mean the ENTIRE ship.”

Additionally, the team revealed that an abundance of cute pets is making their way to the frontier, including Samurai Shiba Inu, ferocious Fire Fox and more!

Check out the official site to find out more.

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