Torchlight III Shares Some Details About Snow & Steam Update

Torchlight III Shares Some Details About Snow & Steam Update

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developers from Echtra Inc. have taken to Steam to detail Snow & Steam update coming to aRPG Torchlight III. This update focuses on new winter-themed items and steamy updates for Forged and Fazeer’s Dun’djinn.

The team added a new Snow & Steam Contract with a large assortment of winter-themed pets and fort decorations, including but not limited to: snow-based decorations for your fort, an Ugly Sweater Cat variant, an assortment of consumable and currency-based rewards. During this update, the recently added spooky pets will become unavailable to find on the frontier, but may return again after the ‘Snow & Steam’ season has passed.

This time-limited contract will only be available during the holiday season, but the items will be permanently available to players who obtain them during that time.

The winter season is also blowing in additional ice-sharp legendary weapons to the game. A new Mace, Sword, Shield, Focus, and armor set will be available to players to find on the frontier. These new legendary items are permanent additions to the game and can only be found by characters at end game levels (47-60).

Make sure to check out the blog post for more details on the Fazeer updates, Forged rework, and many of the other things that will be coming to the ‘Snow & Steam’ update.

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