Torchlight III Updated with Wintery Fun

Echtra Games has announced the release of Snow & Steam for Torchlight III. The new update brings lots of wintery fun into the game across all available platforms including Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. According to the development team, this is the largest game update since its launch in October and brings “holiday cheer to the light-hearted and fast-paced dungeon crawler”.

Players will have a lot of fun discovering any one of the “four jolly pets and one merry variant of a furry companion”. The hunt begins for the Frost Owl, the Ugly Sweater Cat, Reindeer, and the Jolly Ferret. In addition, TL3 players can score a winter holiday-themed variant of the Retriever pet.

In addition to the pets, players can also start hunting for new weapons and armor including:

  • The North Mace
  • Glacier’s Edge
  • Frostwall
  • My Lil’ General
  • Toymaker’s Tool
  • the Witerweave armor set (level 47+)
  • Frostform Head
  • Elfin Cap

Additionally, Snow & Steam introduces quality-of-life improvements for all players to enjoy. The Forged class is letting off some steam with major combat upgrades and a new HUD to make it a more viable class. Fazeer’s Dun’djinn has also received adjustments — including more affixes and rewards — and there have been changes to the Fort system, like the brand-new “Style Station” that’s available as soon as players have unlocked their fort. The new station introduces transmog and dye features that allow players to customize the look and color of their gear. 

Check out the Torchlight III official site to learn more.

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