Torchlight Infinite Inaugural Closed Beta Begins Next Week.

Torchlight Infinite, the upcoming mobile installment in the Torchlight franchise, is set to branch off into closed beta testing on Tuesday 18 January.

XD Inc has confirmed that eager adventurers looking to take their first steps into Torchlight Infinite will get their chance in jsut a few days. The very first closed beta test for Torchlight Infinite should arrive on 18 January, allowing registered players across Android and iOS to take on a new spin on the famous dungeon crawling franchise.

Set hundreds of years on from Torchlight II and introducing a ravaged world, Torchlight Infinite features 4 playable heroes, 24 elaborate talent trees, and an overwhelming 180+ skills. TO better demonstrate how to use this elaborate array, XD has shipped a gameplay trailer featuring the dynamic combat that is a core part of Torchlight INfinite.

Whether you pick from a pistol wielding Divineshot, a sword swinging Berserker, an elemental Frostfire, or a space warping Spacetime Witness the new gameplay trailer should give us all a glimpse at what to expect. Players in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand should watch their inboxes for an invite over the next few days. If you’re lucky enough to receive an email and instructions on accessing the beta, you’ll get to try out all the classes, maps, items, and skills across a range of randomized dungeons.

Find out more about this mobile follow up to Torchlight over at the official Torchlight Infinite website now.

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