Torchlight Series Turned Twelve!

The developers from Echtra are celebrating a huge milestone: the first game in the Torchlight series was released 12 years ago! To celebrate the occasion, the team released the special trailer you can find above.

It’s been 12 years since players were first introduced to the world of Torchlight. Since then they’ve trekked from the deepest dungeons of Torchlight itself, across the scorching dunes of the Mana Wastes, and most recently, through the dangerous and exotic lands of the Frontier.

The developers have also announced Torchlight will be offering the largest franchise discounts yet to celebrate the anniversary. Torchlight II and III are up to 75% off between now and 10/18 on the Nintendo eShop and all three games are up to 80% off on Steam. So whether you’ve already saved the world, conquered the Frontier, or have yet to experience the series, there’s never been a better time to play!

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