Tori Explorer Pack In Stores Now

Tori, a brand new digital toy from Bandai Namco is aiming to drag play into the digital age and this new creative encounter is already on store shelves.

You might no have heard of this gaming accessory and craft kit, but the digital playbook was announced by Bandai back in June. The entire ecosystem consists of a range of interactive games that combine digital games and physical crafts. Designed to bring together the fun of video games and learning, Bandai’s newest product hit shelves with the release of the Explorer Pack. This set includes the tori Board, the tori Wand, the tori Catapult, and the tori Spacecraft. Each of these components delivers a distinct take on the system’s Mirror Play experience. In addition to this, the tori contains a creative book. The Explorer Pack allows parents and their party members to cut, craft, and decorate their unique spacecraft using the included creative book. With a ship of their very own, gamers will be able to watch the digital component of the tori pack seamlessly mirror their actions in the real world.

Worlds of Learning

As owners explore the wider tori Worlds, they will come across five distinct apps with several new levels, apps, and even toys coming in time. We noted the obvious similarities to the toys to life market when Bandai Namco first announced the set and you might even make a comparison to the Nintendo Labo. There’s a definite learn and play component to the Explorer Pack and this certainly marks a step away from the publisher’s mainstay of anime brawlers. If you have gamers that haven’t quite made it past the starter zone yet and might be interested in the tori then you’ll also need a compatible iOS or Android smartphone. The tori Explorer Pack comes in at around £150 or local equivalent and is readily available at major online retailers. If you want to find out more, check out the tori trailer or head over to the official website for more information



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