Tori Toys Are Clever Child’s Play

In October, Tori brings something entirely different for publisher Bandai Namco. This new title aims to bring children from 6 to 12 a new creative gameplay experience.

Much like the Nintendo Labo, Tori is a new direction in gaming for an industry veteran. Developed with the aid of ISKN, this title is designed to allow families to play together and hopefully encourage collaboration and critical thinking. Instead of facing off against the ravages of another hellscape, this weaves physical gameplay components and creative digital experiences on both iOS and Android platforms.

Pack Up For Adventure

An initial Tori Explorer Pack comes with a range of components.

• 1 tori™ Board

• 3 tori™ toys (tori Catapult, tori™ Wand, tori™ Spacecraft)

• 1 Power Bar

• 1 Creative kit (4 DIY Spacecrafts + Creative Book + DIY Stand)

• 4 Games

• 1 tori™ Dashboard App

• Stickers

• Masking Tapes


These allow families to dive into five digital experiences, influenced by how players use their ink and imagination. From DIY spaceships that players can put in their game to building blocks, they can manipulate with a Tori Wand, every part of the Tori seems to be designed to take the Labo experience and enhance on it. There’s an obvious creative and learning tone to Tori, reflected in the 5 games that are landing at launch.


  • Shades of light

Challenge the mind in this Perspective Puzzle game

  • Supreme Builder

Imagine, build and create a whole New World

  • Jungle Rescue

Be smart and sharp to save Mother Nature

  • Crystal Chase

Dexterity and reflexes are key to defeating the Space Pirates


Each of these can be customized using the 40-page creative book, stickers, and cardboard cutouts that come with the Tori Explorer Kit. With a range of titles designed to help young minds grow, Tori doesn’t seem to be your average race for success. It is, however, quite pricey at $169. If you’ve got young minds ready for something a bit more hands-on then Tori arrives 2 October for iOS and Android devices. You can find out more about Tori on the official website now.

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