Tormentor X Punisher Heading Out the Gate on June 2nd

Tormentor X Punisher is ready to hit the ground running come June 2nd. It is literally a one-shot wonder with anyone and everyone ready to go down in a single hit.

Tormentor X Punisher, Home to Planet F*ck You

Profanity aside, that’s actually a real planet in the game, the very spot it all takes place. Every boss, every monster and every player can die from just one hit. It’s up to you to avoid that fate by getting weapon upgrades as well as making sure you’re getting off the first shot.

You’re gonna die a lot, but who cares so long as you can be at the top of the leaderboards and brag to your friends about it. Or team up with them in local co-op while telling them what big losers they are.

You can learn more on the official site (linked above) or on the TXP Steam page.

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