Tormentor X Punisher trailer debuts the brutal new shooter

Tormentor is the next game from the fine folks at Raw Fury Games (publishers of the Indie hit Kingdom). A quick look at the trailer will pretty much clue you in on the fact that this one’s all about shooting, shooting, blood, blood, and more shooting, explosions, and more blood. But who said that was a bad thing?

Here’s what Tormentor X Punisher is all about:

All the prophecies have come true, one by one. Soon the portal to a demonic planet will open up and consume the world … In Tormentor X Punisher! What, you don’t know about that prophecy? Pay attention, bruh, we’re talking about a planet full of demons here.

Honestly, does more need to be said? Watch the trailer, and check out the Steam page, as it’s launching on PC later in Q1 2017.

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