Total Clash Global Open Beta Begins – Gather, Build & Dominate Your Enemies

Total Clash

Nexon has unleashed the open beta for Total Clash for mobile devices. The real time strategy game is currently out in the US with other countries to follow on April 26th.

Your world is in chaos! Your once great kingdom now fights for its life against a scourge of mighty monsters! Treasure-rich lands need a hero forged in fire and magic; a giant among mortals with steel for muscles and courage for blood! Winning back these lands and restoring your kingdom to its former glory will require a brilliant strategic mind, deft battle skills, and the might of epic alliances. Are you the Hero your kingdom needs?

What is Total Clash?

The game pits alliances against one another with players in the middle. It is up to gamers to use strategy to find resources, build empires and defeat enemies.

Major features include:

  • City construction
  • Strategic warfare
  • Alliance building
  • Fierce battles


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