Total War: Arena – Open Beta Battles Roar onto the Horizon

Total War: Arena

Strategy fans, mark your calendars for February 22nd because Total War: ARENA is launching their Open Beta period. To mark the event, Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly have announced the debut of a new faction, two new commanders, new units, and gameplay mechanics.

Total War: ARENA is a free to play multiplayer strategy game that features massive fast-paced 10 vs 10 battles. Player take control of iconic historic commanders and their factions of up to three units comprising hundreds of soldiers. Already on the battlefield are the Greeks, Romans, and Barbarians each with unique commanders. Every faction has personalized units lending their own unique tactical advantages and weaknesses.

Players will be treated to the new Carthage faction which boasts strong mobile infantry and stellar skirmish cavalry. Along with those units comes the formidable War Elephant, a unit nigh indestructible and capable of trampling prone units. Carthage’s strengths lie in ambush tactics and quick adaptability to a fluid and changing battlefield. This lends an unpredictability to the faction making them difficult to shoehorn into a corner.


Supporting Carthage are two new powerhouse commanders – Hannibal and Hasdrubal Barca. Hannibal, a remarkable tactician, can spur slower units like heavy infantry and the massive elephants, to faster speeds to aid in ambush tactics. Hasdrubal can buff and debuff units to further support surprise attacks and deal with particularly aggravating enemy units. These two commanders provide the backbone for the Carthage faction having highly flexible units keeping opposing commanders guessing.

Total War: ARENA will be streaming gameplay footage of Carthage and the commanders in action on their English live stream along with hosting a Q&A. You can find their streaming schedule on their Twitch page. You can find further videos and teasers on their YouTube channel.

What faction are you looking forward to?

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