New DLC headed your Way for Total War: Rome II!


Fans of the series are in for a treat with a new DLC headed to Total War: Rome II on March 8th!  For a 5-year-old game, any time we see the release of new DLC, it is always welcomed arms wide open!

The DLC brings in 4 new playable factions, all including new units and buildings and tech trees!  The new factions are Nabatea, Kush, Masaesyli, and Saba.  It lands March 8th, alongside a free update to bring in female leaders and generals to the game.  One being Cleopatra.

These factions are native to the deserts of Africa and Arabia. Surviving these harsh environmental conditions has forged them into hardy warriors who use the shifting desert sands to their advantage in battle.

While culturally similar, each faction boasts unique new unit rosters which offer different military strengths. Each faction also has new building chains and technology trees, playing to their strengths and further differentiating their playstyles.

You can read details on the Steam page, or the announcement blog.


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