Total War: Rome II has a new Prequel Campaign Incoming

Creative Assembly, the strategic minds behind the creative Total War Series, has just announced that their latest campaign pack, titled Rise of the Republic, will launch on Steam August 9th. Set as a prequel to the Total War: Rome II main game, this pack will see you as the player fight for control with the games several factions. Set across the landmass of Italy and its neighbours, Players will engage in a deep, rich story and boasts nine playable factions. Be sure to check out the trailer below for more details on the campaign.

Also launching with the Rise of the Republic is the Ancestral update which will bring the Family Tree mechanic to all of ROME II’s campaigns. This interactive Family Tree allows players to visually engage with your family and nobles. Not only will you be able to see how your family is laid out but players will also be able to manipulate characters, foster friendships and build alliances with other factions all for the sake of the empire. The Ancestral Update will launch as an opt-in beta and can be accessed now for those interested. For further reading on the Ancestral Update be sure to check out the official blog.

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