Total War Saga Introduces Guthfrid – Slave King of the Vikings

guthfrid total war hero

Guthfrid, Viking king of Northumbria, was sold as a child into slavery by his parents. Saint Cuthbert appeared to his followers and commanded them to find the boy Guthfrid. The holy order paid the price for his freedom and rescued him from slavery. Having done that, they introduced him to the army and had him appointed a king.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia introduces Guthfrid. as the hero Viking King of Northymbre in this cinematic trailer.

Ninth Century Britain was a tumultuous and complex period in English history. Vikings composed of Danes and Norsemen invaded England. Some stayed after the raids. The Danelaw was an area established by the treaty between the Viking warlord Guthrum and the West-Saxon King Alfred the Great. It was an area where Danish law ruled and Viking lords fought and struggled for power amongst themselves while fending off external threats.

In Thrones of Britannia, players can forge their own kingdom of Danelaw. You can play as one of two factions of the Great Viking Army – Northymbre or Engle.

Total War says,

After achieving any long victory condition, players of Thrones of Britannia must brace for war as powerful armies will arrive to take what is theirs. If they can withstand and overcome this onslaught they will be awarded the highest honour, an Ultimate Victory and, in turn, the ultimate bragging rights will be theirs.

You can find the game on Steam. For more information on Thrones of Britannia follow Total War on Twitter.

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