Total War: Thrones of Britannia – New Trailer highlights NPC notives and purpose

Creative Assembly just released a new cinematic trailer to introduces King Anaraut one of the rulers in the upcoming Total War: Thrones of Britannia game. The trailer Highlights Anaraut’s motivations and goals as he hopes to leave his mark on history. Thrones of Britannia will see players rewrite history as they control massive armies of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to name a few. With 10 playable factions, the player must set out to build and defend a kingdom for the glory of your people. Strategy, diplomacy and brute strength will all be necessary as you face off on this grand adventure. Initially releasing on Windows, Creative Assembly has promised that the game will see both a Linux and Mac release at a later date. 

Customers can pick Thrones of Britannia up on April 19th with pre-orders currently available on Steam and other SEFA approved digital retailers. A physical limited edition will also be made available from participating retailers. This Limited Edition will include an embossed Steelbook, double sided poster and art cards with biographies on five of the game prominent leaders.  Be sure to check out the trailer below as well as our very own Joseph Bradford’s preview of the upcoming title. For more information on Thrones of Britannia head over to the official site.

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