Total War Warhammer II Announced in Explosive New Trailer

Total War

Total War Warhammer II is on its way. We know this through today’s power-packed trailer announcement from Games Workshop and Creative Assembly.

Let us tell you all about Total War Warhammer II

WH2 is set in new locations far removed from the Old World with new environments to conquer. Players meet four brand new races including High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen and one that remains a mystery. Each race is trying to save or stop the Great Vortex that will not stop until the game’s final campaign.

The game includes:

  • hundreds of hours of gaming
  • a brand new campaign
  • old and new worlds put together and given to all players for free after the game’s release
  • battles inspired by Warhammer lore

TW Warhammer II will be out later in 2017 for PC. Want to know more? Head off to the official site to check out the details.

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