TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III Explains How Sieges Work

TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER III Explains How Sieges Work

Creative Assembly shared the new trailer for the upcoming RTS Total War: Warhammer III, dedicated to the system of sieges. At the same time, the developers have shared a lengthy blog post on the official site to bring players up to speed on the updated feature.

Sieging a settlement should not be an easy undertaking. There is now a much, much wider selection of potential siege maps, each assigned to a settlement based on their default faction’s culture, themes, and preferences for combat. The upshot of all this is that each time you enter a siege, no matter which side you’re on, the combination of your army, the enemy, and the layout of the settlement is going to make it a unique experience across many hours of play.

A fight no longer starts and ends at the outer wall – of which many settlements now have several, making for two or three approach angles for attackers – and sieges are a much more interesting and realistic prospect of steadily defending and capturing areas of a town, city, castle, or Hell Pit. It makes defensive siege weapons a far more promising prospect, be they firing from the high ground inside a settlement past the outer walls or defending the streets themselves with clever placement.

Sieges feature several capturable locations rather than one, and each provides supplies per second, as well as governs a few buildable locations – if they’re lost, their attached buildings are destroyed. These come in two varieties, either towers or barricades. Each settlement also has a stockpile of supplies for you to begin the battle with. In Campaign, this is determined by various factors – buildings and level of settlement being the most notable, as well as scaling into the late-game for the more major, double-full-stack encounters that occur at that stage.

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