Toukiden 2 just unleashed a lot of info and screens

Lots of screens, lots of big ass Oni.
Toukiden 2

If you never played Koei Tecmo’s Toukiden, you’re missing a good, but somewhat faulty Japanese Action RPG. It’s on Steam, and it’s on sale, so there’s still time before Toukiden 2 launches later on March 21st for PS4 and PC. The new game picks up in a brand new village with a more open world, and two rival factions to work with or against. There’s also a revised combat system, new characters, and loads more tweaks aimed to improve upon the last game.

We also have a brand new trailer showing off Sword and Shield combat right here.

Today the publisher put out a slew of new screens and video to showcase the characters, locations, and combat in the Action RPG. And if you’re into Japanese flavored games, be sure to check out our Yakuza 0 review here.

Read more about Toukiden 2 at the official site.

From the official release:

Located amid the tattered landscapes of Toukiden 2, the seemingly peaceful village of Mahoroba is riven by internal conflict. Despite being tasked with the protection of Kagura, the Shrine Maiden, the town’s two rival clans – the Samurai and the Imperial Guard – clash for dominance, jeopardizing the safety and the future of the sanctuary settlement.

In an effort to defuse the tension, the Holy Mount has sent in its own force of Slayers, but their presence feels more like a threat than a path to a peaceful solution. Will the new Slayer who mysteriously appeared on the outskirts of Mahoroba unite the irate guardians, or will the devastating events that tore once-allied factions apart prevail and sound the end of humanity?

Additionally, two series-first weapon types make their debut in Toukiden 2: the Sword & Shield, a combination offering a solid blend of offense and defense, and the Chain Whip, which allows for fast-paced maneuvers that can quickly tear apart Oni flesh. Each armament can be used for light and heavy attacks alike, and each offers special abilities that can be combined with the versatile Demon Hand to balance the scales of power when battling Oni.

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