Tour de France & Pro Cycling Manager Return for 2021

Nacon and Cyanide have announced the continuation of a pair of game series. Both Tour de France 2021 and Pro Cycling Manager 2021 will be making a return this year across multiple platforms. TdF21 will launch on June 3rd across several platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Pro Cycling Manager 2021 will be released for PC only starting June 3rd.

About Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Features include:

  • management and cycling activities in real-time
  • recruit, train, and direct riders to the top of the rankings
  • over 260 races including all 21 official stages of TdF 2021
  • European Championships and national teams
  • improved AI
  • realistic weather effects
  • top manufacturers’ helmets, bike frames, and wheels

About Tour de France 2021

Features include:

  • faithful recreation of a new route that begins in Brittany
  • adaptive strategies
  • mountain stages
  • the official TdF route
  • reworked My Tour mode
  • more customization options
  • 89 stages available
  • new recovery mechanic
  • equipment from a wide array of official brands

Learn more about both games by visiting the Tour de France 2021 official site or the Pro Cycling Manager 2021 official site.

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