Tower Of Fantasy Pre Registration Is Live Right Now!

Tower of Fantasy, the massive and much anticipated new shared world RPG from Level Infinite, has just opened pre-launch sign ups on the official website.

Players looking to jump into Tower of Fantasy when it hits PC, iOS and Android platforms later this year can get ahead of the crowd and sign up to get pre-launch updates and access as soon as this hotly tipped title goes live. Pre registrations are now open via a special sign up page, hosted on the official Tower of Fantasy website, while eager PC players can add the title to their Steam or Epic store wishlists on June 27.
Free Loot

Like any good pre-registration campaign, potential players in this new adventure will grab plenty of free loot for adding their name to the list of interested parties. Different levels of rewards will unlock depending on the total number of sing ups, with a range of in game currency and consumables on offer:

• 500,000 players: Astra Frame x1, Black Nucleus X2, Wholegrain Bread X10, Gold x2888.
• 1 million players: Limited Title x1, Black Nucleus X3, Fried Chicken X10, Weapon Battery III X4.
• 1.5 million players: Gold Nucleus X3, Avatar:Zeke x1,Sizzling Meat X10, Gold x3888
• 2 million players: Jetpack Paint: Orion x1, Gold Nucleus X3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10, Weapon battery III X4
• 2.5 million players: Outfit: Star Sand X1,Gold Nucleus X4, Nut Tea X10, Gold X6888.

For anybody who isn’t quite convinced that they want to join in on this trip to the distant planet of Aida, there’s a brand new teaser trailer to give us a closer look at what’s to come. Anybody picking up tower of Fantasy will find themselves in an anime inspired sci-fi setting, where the population of a fictional world fight through Ruins and conquer world bosses on a journey of discovery. In a world ravaged by strange inter dimensional tears, biological mutation, war, and turmoil, players will need to use all their skill and knowledge to survive this inviting new tale.

Whether you’re a solo player or prefer to get a group of friends to jump in together, Tower of Fantasy looks like its going to be a big deal when it arrives. While it’s forging forward in China right now, it will go global in Q3 2022. It seems like getting a leg up with a pre registrations bonus might be worth the effort. You can check out the latest trailer above and head over to the official website to sign up now.

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