Townsmen – This Is How We Build Our Town!

Imagine yourself in our world back in medieval times. Can you picture yourself as a King, or Queen, and building your city with your loyal servants? What happens if things are going well for you and someone comes along who threatens your place on the throne? Well, I can tell you that I have come to that point and survived it. You will have just a small learning curve as you play this game, but let’s get right down to brass tax. This is our review of Townsmen on Nintendo Switch.

From Developer HandyGames comes a game of medieval town building with a story. I have long supported city builder games and real-time strategy games. Ever since the first time, I played Command and Conquer I just fell in love with the game type. In Townsmen, I have found a new love for the genre. You start off as the King of the land with your castle and a few other basic buildings. Your loyal servants come to let you know what the problems in the land are, and how to fix them. With a little guidance, and a few minutes learning the controls on Switch, you can easily begin your rise to power.

From the simple beginner town to a massive medieval metropolis, that is your mission. Townsmen is a very simplistic game with some very specific story missions that need to be accomplished. This all starts with your servants. If you don’t have enough servants, then you won’t be building or repairing anything. As you begin your game, remember to build houses for your servants to move into. As the city evolves, so too will the need for more and more buildings. From woodworker’s huts to bakeries, to windmills, you will get to choose how to build your civilization and where to build the most important buildings. You will quickly learn that one building leads to another, and to another. If you have a farm with wheat you will also need to build buildings to produce the wheat into flour for use in your bakery. This, in turn, allows you to make food to feed your people and helps your economy grow. The further you progress into the story the more advanced buildings you can make and the more money you can make on products and taxes.

Speaking of production, the need to mine is great. Go get that rock and ore so that you are able to build the more advanced buildings, such as your barracks, and guard towers. These will come in handy as you need to protect your little corner of the world from bandits, and enemies who look to do your faithful servants harm. With dozens of different types of buildings to look through and build, you will surely spend hours trying to make the best city and defend it in the best ways. Now I will let you know that the military options with soldiers and bandits are completely optional, but who doesn’t like a good fight? You will go through scenario after scenario building different types of protection and production to make your people happy, and to complete the missions given to you by your loyal staff who would see you do well.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Townsmen is a really straight-forward game of city building and economy set in medieval times. You will learn very quickly how building and production works. How to take care of your citizens, and how to make them happy. Coming in at $19.99 USD on Nintendo Switch, you won’t spend an arm and a leg to buy this game. I would say it is well worth the price you will pay. I have had fun with this game, and I think you will too.
  • Medieval City Builder
  • Simple to Learn
  • Great Visuals
  • Good Audio
  • Multiplayer would give you more to do
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