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Tracks goes dark for its Halloween Update

Halloween hits the rails...
Tracks Halloween

Recently we shared Tracks – the train set game a stimulating wooden train set building game that offers hours of fun! In time for Halloween and the weekend, an update went live with even more goodness to not only spruce up your train track aesthetics but also add atmosphere. Check out the Tracks Halloween update.

Tracks Holloween Update


This update comes with exciting lighting choices so of course, I am currently seeing how many fairy trees I can fit with a corkscrew tailored track and music, there will be music! Maybe I’ll line platforms and fountains with pumpkins or jack o’ lanterns? There is also a police station though I was curious why not fire station for the fireworks? If this is the level of concern players can have about Tracks then this game is on track with updates and features (pun intended!)

Below is the change log but to get more in-depth information head on over to Steam and let us know below if you are playing. You can also share your tracks with us via MMORPG Discord (Sister site of Gamespace.) We would love to see how you are enjoying this game!

So much fun! Happy halloween everyone!


Night Time Update Change Log

New Environment: Clear (Night)

– A dark, starry version of the Clear environment
-16+ objects have an alternative look in Night environments
– Headlights on the train
– New example save game

New Objects:
– Music Note
– Pumpkin
– Jack o’ Lantern
– Fireworks set
– Police Station
– Fairy Tree

– 12 minutes of new music
– Adjustments to the spawn menu to improve object visibility
– Fixed certain objects not having the same forward direction as others
– The save menu will now warn you if you try to load a track with something currently built in the environment
– Lots of thumbnails

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