Train Life: A Railway Simulator Launches Into Early Access

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Nacon and Simteract have announced that Train Life: A Railway Simulator has officially entered its early access phase of development. To celebrate the big day, developers ran a live stream event that also revealed the upcoming roadmap for the game during its months in early access. The plan is to launch the game in Q1 2022.

The game puts you at the head of a railway company. Players develop their business to become the biggest rail company in Europe and are charged to hire drivers, buy new trains, and achieve their objectives.  These features are supported by the game’s detailed trains and driving system. According to the development team, a lot of special attention has been given to modeling the trains to ensure the game is both fun and authentic.

The team has provided players with a peek into what they can expect during early access. Each of the four updates leading to release will feature new trains, a new region, new scenarios, a new feature, bug fixes, and upgrades. At launch, there will be a new train, a new scenario, bug fixes, and optimizations applied.

Train Life is now in early access for PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Check out the Train Life: A Railway Simulator Steam page or EGS page to learn more about the game.

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