Train Runner VR brings family friendly gaming to your HTC Vive

Train Runner VR

Rocket Virtual Entertainment announced the launch of Train Runner VR, a cartoon-like virtual reality game where a little girl must save her dog Panda. Looks pretty cute!

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Train Runner VR delivers a fun-filled and exciting experience through the following:

  • Compelling storytelling – The stage is set when playful Panda runs away from its owner Kaley and becomes stranded on the train tracks, establishing an emotional connection between the player and the characters. From there, the story is in the player’s hands as they set the pace and dramatic tension in their efforts to save Panda.
  • Playful animation – Through a company-wide collaboration with designers, illustrators and writers, along with using foundational and modern animation techniques for its cast, players can expect new and innovative emotional responses in Train Runner VR.
  • Exhilarating music – Train Runner VR’s musical score evokes warm and familiar feelings for players through inspirations taken from iconic soundtracks, classical music and modern rock. Each musical stem is curated to enhance and harmonize gameplay to create a delightful experience.
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