Travis Strikes Again, AGAIN! On Playstation 4 and PC

Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again, the latest adventure in the No More Heroes franchise is bringing its madcap action to PC and console gamers this October.

After initially launching on Nintendo Switch back in January 2019, Travis Touchdown is jumping off the small screen and onto new platforms on 17 October 2019. This particular title is the third installment from the No More Heroes universe, although not a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2. This particular title follows on some time after the close of the second No More Heroes and finds Travis isolated in a remote cabin. In a typically unusual series of events, ex-baseball star turned assassin Badman gets himself and Travis sucked into a video game world with little hope of rescue.

Indie Action

The following game explores Badman and Travis’s backstory while battling through the many video games that make up a mysterious console known as the Death Drive Mk-II. The game’s cast finds a variety of backdrops to this unfortunate adventure, from RPGs to platformers, and hack n slash experiences. As players progress through this top-down world. Grab your beam katana and slice your way through the game, find the Death Balls, and wish Travis out of this predicament.

This all might seem a little odd but when the game comes out of developer Grasshopper and is guided by legendary director Suda-51. Developed using the Unreal 4 engine, this adventure features some special additions for PC and PlayStation 4 players. Pc players will find that the game now includes all the over the top indie inspired insanity that the original had with vastly improved visuals and support for 120FPS. Pc master race might love indies but there’s no shortage f power here.

PlayStation 4 and OC versions of the game will both include previously released downloadable content, Black Dandelion, and Bubblegum Fatale, which add Shinobu Jacobs and Badgirl as playable characters, as part of the main game in addition to a selection of new and exclusive T-Shirts. Describing anything about this game is difficult at best, but if you want to find out more you can check out our Nintendo Switch review or head over to the official website for more info now.


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