Trench Tales Blends Third-Person Shooter Action with Horror During a Time of War

Trench Tales Blends Third-Person Shooter Action with Horror During a Time of War

Talking Drums and Crytivo have announced Trench Tales, a third-person shooter x horror game that will launch on Kickstarter on May 7th. Pending full crowd-sourced funding, the game will make its debut at a later date for PC via Steam.

Today’s announcement trailer offers a peek into the story-driven action where players are dumped into an alt-world between world wars. Along the way, they will collect special powers, customize their arsenals, and navigate Gothic landscapes. However, fallen soldiers stand in the way, and players will have to battle through to find redemption.

Players take on the role of a lone warrior who’s been brought to this unknown world by “enigmatic forces.” While the end goal remains obscure at first, players quickly find that they must confront the powers that brought them out and try to find a way back to the real world while navigating Gothic landscapes, uncovering secrets, and battling waves of undead enemies.

Features include

  • Engaging narrative-driven gameplay in the war-torn realm of Verden.
  • Tactical combat with supernatural powers and diverse arsenal.
  • Navigate diverse locations, from narrow trenches to castles and swamps.
  • Customize and upgrade weapons for strategic advantage in combat.
  • Face challenging enemies, from undead soldiers to powerful warlords.
  • Risk-reward gameplay with consequences for death and currency collection.

Players are invited to sign up for closed testing opportunities. Sign-ups are being accepted on the Crytivo page.

Learn more by visiting the Trench Tales Steam page.

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