Tribes of Midgard Open Beta Begins Tomorrow

Tribes of Midgard invites you to survive the North when a brand new open beta test launches for this co op survival game. Get ready to go North on 5 September.


There Be Giants

Launching on PC, via Steam, early in the next coming year Tribes of Midgard is a top down co-operative survival game that challenges players with all sorts of unusual obstacles in the fight to conquer the North. The Norse themed world is full of danger for anybody entering this title, from hunger and starvation to Ragnarök. Yes, that’s right the cold isn’t the worst thing you’ll see in Tribes of Midgard. Giants are invading and the end is nigh. If you think you are tough enough to survive the apocalypse then gather your friends, craft legendary equipment and try defending your village until the bitter end.

Tribes of Midgard features a range of procedurally generated environments, all full of dark creatures, hidden gods. Up to ten players can work together in each of these unique maps to explore, collect, fight, and craft the required tools to fend off the incoming invaders. The game is due out at some point early next year and has already had one successful beta test.

Now players interested in defeating death can jump into the new open beta between September 5 at 4:00 AM ET and runs until September 9, 11:59 PM ET. To get into the open beta couldn’t be easier. You just have to drop over onto the official website and hammer the play beta button, fill out the relevant details and wait for a response. This is only open to PC gamers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the game then you can check out the official Steam page, watch the new trailer featured above, or head over to the official website to prepare for the end.


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