Trove Delves Arrives on Consoles

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have tons of new content to explore thanks to the arrival of Trove Delves. gamigo announced that the new content expansion is available today and brings with it a brand new game mode that sends players off on epic procedurally generated adventures tailored to match their personal power levels.

Delves utilizes a new AI system that was created specifically for this update. This provides players with custom adventures and enemies that have been tailor-made to suit their personal playstyle. Each of the three distinct Delves can be tackled solo or in groups of as many as eight players. Each one is unique and each offers a lot of challenges to players of all skill levels including puzzles to solve, enemies to defeat, and a challenging end boss to take down. If completed in time, players can take home some pretty sweet loot including items formerly found by completing Shadow Tower challenges. There’s even a new tier of gear, Crystal 4.

There are a number of ways to tackle Delves:

  • players can queue for a Public Delve
  • players can create a Private Delve

The Delves update also includes some new class reworks including the Tomb Raiser “that has been enhanced and overhauled for pure soul-summoning combat power”.

Check out the Trove Delves page on the official site to learn more.

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