Trove Expanding Downward with Delves Update

Trove Delves

Trove is growing in a new direction according to developers at gamigo. The Delves update brings players all-new ways to explore the game. As the name implies, players will be “delving” into “endless procedurally-generated combat tailored to match their personal power level”. The update is now live in-game.

The new cave systems offer both new players and veterans an interesting way to play no matter how much time they have on their hands. In as little as 15-minutes, players can dive into the new cave system solo or with friends. Players can even queue up randomly with up to seven others to try their collective hand at a delve to see how far they can go. Public or private delves offer players an experience like no other in the game to date. Players will face a unique challenge along the way that will need to be solved before they can take on the “fearsome end boss”. Defeating the boss unlocks further progression in the delve.

Successful completion of a delve will net players some goodies including Crystal 4 gear and other items that were formerly rewarded for completing Shadow Tower challenges. These have all been moved to the delve system.

The update also includes a reworked Tomb Raiser class and much more.

Check out the Trove official site to learn more about the Delves update.

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