Trove Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Trove, the voxel adventure from Gamigo, is finally about to square the circle and launch on Nintendo Switch.

Trove if coming to the Nintendo Switch in this summer, giving fans of Gamigo’s cubic MMORPG an opportunity to their adventure in another realm on the go. The news that Trove is jumping onto Nintendo’s handheld hybrid came last night and is likely to see the current 28 million or so players across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox arenas increase. Along with the headline details, Gamigo also dropped a trailer to let those of you usually more caught up with MMO like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, or anticipating the release of Eylon to get a good look at what’s in store for Switch owners.

Like many other MMORPG, Trove allows players to brave the darkest dungeon and don the finest armor. Players will wield mighty weapons and incredible skills ans they explore, conquer, and craft their way through quirky voxel filled universe. Unlike most theme park styled MMORPG, Trove is about as different to play as it looks. Each world that adventurers jump into is individually generated, and different from the last, with players even able to let their imagination run free in private instances. These personal playscapes provide a canvas to build landmasses and structures, or even a boat racing course. The best ideas can even be submitted for implementation into the game itself — to date, over 5,000 player entries have been added to Trove by Gamigo.

There’s plenty more to take on in trove too, from fiendish mini games and puzzles, through to the action-packed Bomber Royale event. With tons to do and a style very much its own, Trove will ride its way into the Nintendo Switch eShop astride a giant voxel dinosaur later this year. Check out more about trove over on the official website now.

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