Trove Strikes Up The Bard On Console

Trove Strikes Up The Bard On console today with the introduction of this new class across PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 5 and Xbox One/X/S.

Fans of voxel-based MMO Trove can grab their controllers and kick back on the couch to a tune or two today. Gamigo has announced that The Bard class has made it into the console version of Trove. The newest addition in this online adventure should bring the same support and healing to parties that the PC version has enjoyed for the last three months.

The Bard class is more than just a sidekick to the heroes of Trove. Now one of 17 available classes in Trove, this musical maestro can weave stylish moves and dazzling songs into powerful abilities that buff and aid their allies in battle. The Bard is fully capable of holding its own too, dealing out magical damage and dancing through the wealth of procedurally generated worlds on offer in Trove. To roll a Bard, players can obtain the Bard exclusively through crafting on the Chaos Crafter or via one of the new Bard Packs, giving everybody an option to buy or build their way on stage.

The arrival of the Bard on consoles also coincides with some other updates too. Gamigo’s free to play MMORPG also adds an extra tier to Crystallogr. The new tier is called the Bardmancologist and allows these masters of the craft to create allies, mounts, wings, and dazzling costumes for the Bard class. If you’re ready to dazzle pirates, dinosaurs, and dragons with some absolute bangers then heck out more about the Bard class over on the official Trove website now.

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