Try Out Rogue Spirit With A New Demo

Rogue Spirit

Rogue Spirit, the anime-inspired action-adventure game, is available to try out with the launch of a new demo.

Initially announced back in April 2021, Rogue Spirit is a ghoulish new adventure game published by 505 Games and developed by Poland’s Kids With Sticks Studio. Now, players can get a first glimpse of the upcoming action with the release of a new Steam Demo. Ahead of its eventual launch on PC later this year, the demo provides a slice of the game and a teaser of the systems that will end up in play.

For anybody that missed the initial announcement, Rogue Spirit is a visually distinctive 3D rogue-like that plunges players into the afterlife. Floating through the world as the former Prince of Midra, players can spend their days escaping the great beyond by possessing enemy meat bags and working to free this fictional kingdom from a looming and ever-present evil. Taking full custody of skin and bones, this apparition can use the living as a weapon, taking full control of an enemy’s skillset to overcome whatever odds stand before them.

Inspired by Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures as well as popular anime tropes, Rogue Spirit looks to bring modern gameplay and fictional feudal Japan together while you free a kingdom. With games conventions and show floor still largely off limit for us to get a hands-on this summer, the release of this demo seems like a great substitute. You can check out more about Rogue Spirit over on the official Steam Store now.

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