Try These Five Ways For Making Money Gaming From Home

Gaming from Home

Who doesn’t like some extra cents in their pockets? As a gaming enthusiast, you have an opportunity to do just that with these five tips.

Become A Games Journalist

As with all aspects of gaming, this industry is competitive so be prepared! Build up a portfolio of articles so you can approach some of the middle-sized sites. The bigger ones will already be taken. Even offer to do some work voluntarily to get your feet on the ladder.

You can join an existing site where you will get paid on a per-article rate as a freelancer. You can also consider starting your own website. To make money from this might take time but monetize your traffic with ads or even look at Patreon subscriptions.

As with any money earning attempt, time and effort are required. News writing means having contacts and resources to get the ‘scoops.’ Reviews and interviews are probably the way forward if this is a new venture, but the pay is not that brilliant until you can get established.

Try Your Luck At Online Casinos

To earn a sustainable income from online casinos, you need to ensure that you select the right games to play. You must play casino games with high RTP to maximize your chances of getting a good return on your money.

One of the best games to consider is online Blackjack. A popular game with Canucks at all levels of skill, it carries the highest theoretical RTP of casino games at 99.41% for classic Blackjack. Its variants can be slightly different with Premium Blackjack at 99.67% and Blackjack 3-seat having a theoretical RTP of 95.38%.

Playing progressive jackpots is a long shot as these games are random despite all the rumors on ways to win. If this is the approach you want to follow, then Microgaming’s Mega Moolah with its 88.12% RTP, is probably a good option. The game has four jackpots, paid out by Microgaming not the casino, and you do not need to be playing at maximum bet to win one of the jackpots.

Get Paid To Live Stream

Got an interesting personality? Like an audience while you play? Then live streaming might be a way for you to make some money. You need to build your audience so you will have to select the right games to play; you need to stand out to create a following. With a following, you can monetize your playing with ads or subscriptions.

Twitch and YouTube are the current platforms of choice for streamers. Check out the competition and devise your own personal style – you will soon know if it’s working by the followers you get who stay. Don’t be disillusioned as it is a competitive market; research what is popular and adapt your style as you go along.

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Host A Podcast

Different from live streaming in that you are presenting a show. Your podcast can include:

  • Game-related interviews with high-profile players
  • Opinions on what is happening in the gaming industry
  • Tips and tricks on games
  • Introducing new games

You will need to plan, direct and be in front of the camera. To do all of this you will need some equipment to make sure you deliver a watchable, enjoyable or even challenging podcast. You’ll find a good review of podcast equipment for starters here.

Like live streaming, once you have your audience hooked and they start to follow you, the money is earnt from ads and subscriptions.

Get Paid To Test Games

Confident in your ability to play any game? Then this might be the way for you to get some extra cash. On-demand testing is probably the way to go at first, as internal playtesting for a company is highly sought after work. Check out an on-demand playtesting service like PlaytestCloud to view the options open to you.

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