Try to Get Away with Murder in Overboard!


Inkle has announced the release of its Agatha Christie-inspired Overboard!, a noir murder mystery. The 8-hour game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and for mobile devices via iPhone and iPad.

During gameplay, players take on the role of 1935 actress Veronica Villensey whose husband has “fallen” overboard during a voyage from Europe to America. Her goal is to “pin the blame on one of her five fellow passengers”. Sounds easy but it turns out it’s not thanks to each of the other suspects having their “own ideas about what has happened”. As players make choices throughout the game, suspect movement around the ship is unlocked making everything that much more complicated.

Anyone could be a witness. Anyone could be the next victim. And convincing the authorities that Malcolm died by suicide won’t be enough — cash-strapped Veronica can only collect the life insurance money if someone gets the blame. Designed for multiple playthroughs with an enormous amount of variety and consequence, Overboard! is a narrative puzzle you’ll want to keep exploring until you’ve executed the perfect crime.

The game can be purchased for $14.99 through the Nintendo eShop, Steam, the App Store, or GoG with a 15% launch discount from now through June 9th.

Check out the Overboard! Steam page or any of the links above to learn more.

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