Turkey Trial 5 Flaps Its Way Into ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

If it’s Thanksgiving, then it means that Turkey Trial 5 is ready to hit the ground running in ARK: Survival Evolved. From now through December 7th, players can track and hunt down “Super-Turkeys”, harvest wishbones to trade for new chibis, unlock a new turkey costume, earn event-themed emotes, and take home a brand new “ugly sweater” just in time for the holidays.

Chibis include Deinonychus Chibi, Kaprosuchus Chibi, Onyc Chibi, Tek Raptor Chibi, Gigantopithecus Chieftan Chibi. Annual Autumnal Cosmetics include a new turkey costume, three ugly sweater designs including Foliage Friends, Turkey Target, and a Dodo’s Revenge sweater.

In addition to the fun and frolic for the season, players can also leverage some great bonuses including:

  • witness the DodoRex Tribute
  • increased harvesting XP
  • increased taming XP
  • increased breeding XP

Studio Wildcard continues to develop huge, free updates and themed events for ARK, including the upcoming free maps Lost Island, coming December 14, 2021, and the Nordic style, cold-weather Fjodur, coming in June 2022. Both maps will introduce three new creatures and hundreds of hours of gameplay to the ARK universe!

Check out the ARK: Survival Evolved official site to learn more.

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