Turn-Based RPG Warsaw Coming to Consoles

Crunching Koalas has announced the console release date for its turn-based RPG Warsaw. The game will be released on September 29th for PlayStation 4, on October 1st for Nintendo Switch, and on October 2nd for Xbox One. Pre-orders are now open.

WARSAW is a challenging, turn-based tactical RPG set on the streets of the Polish capital during the Uprising in the closing months of WWII. The player assembles a team of survivors and freedom fighters, equips them with salvaged arms, and has to face difficult choices while leading them in a desperate fight for freedom in war-torn, occupied Warsaw. 

Key Game Features
  • Challenging tactical, turn-based skirmishes
  • Strategic resource management of the Uprising’s operations
  • Meaningful and difficult choices deciding the fate of civilians and soldiers alike
  • Detailed backstories of people fighting for their freedom and survival
  • Immersive and historically accurate setting on the streets of occupied Warsaw

Check out the Warsaw official site to learn more.

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