Turtle Pop Gets a new Tuned Edition

Earlier this year DigiPen Game Studio’s bubbly new platform puzzler popped onto the Nintendo Switch. Now, Turtle Pop: Journey to Freedom is getting an update, and this Tuned Edition is completely free of charge!

Turtle Pop: Journey to Freedom is a platform puzzler that follows the adventures of Bebo, Deephi, Slimmie, Willis, and Sparky. These five cute reptiles are trapped behind more than 100 levels of perplexing platform puzzles and adventure. Anybody running through each of the game’s challenges are aided on their way by a powerful floating genie, some awesome match-three mechanics, and a collectible card system that allows players to manipulate the game world as they progress.

The battle for freedom doesn’t need to be a lonely one, however. Up to four players are able to battle it out across a gauntlet of seven unique worlds, in both co-ops and versus game modes. This all combines to build a journey that was generally well received by critics when it first launched.

Now, the new Tuned Edition adds updated game mechanics, sound design, greater graphics, a tweaked UI, and more. The team behind Turtle Pop has incorporated player feedback from the community, even tweaking the difficulty in certain stages. If you or your friends are interested in the updated Turtle Pop, it is available now on the Nintendo eShop at a reduced price of $12.99.

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