Twin Mirror Gets New Teaser at PC Gaming Show

Twin Mirror, a self-published psychological thriller from DOTNOD, got a brand new teaser at the PC Game Show this weekend showing us a bit more about the central character.

Among the avalanche of upcoming entries in your gaming library, DONTNOD’s Twin Mirror should probably be in that list somewhere. The team behind Life Is Strange are bringing their very first self published title to PC this year with some assistance from Bandai Namco for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 releases. PC and console fans eager t find out a little more about this nerve-jangling adventure got to delve into the backstory of the game’s central protagonist, Sam Higgs this weekend.

Through the teaser above, you’ll learn that Sam Higgs thought he was done with the town of Basswood, West Virginia. When the former investigative journalist returns to his hometown to say a final farewell to his best friend, it soon becomes clear that there are more chapters to be written in his troubled history. Sam is forced to take a look into his own past and finds himself torn between reconnecting with the people he cares about and using his own unique intellect to unravel a series of secrets that might be best left alone.

As you continue to dig into the town’s dirty secrets, Sam will explore Basswood’s natural beauty and a dark side. The very abilities that make this character a great investigative journalist will help players to solve a mystery that seems to hang over the town.

DONOTNOD’s new narrative thriller will allow players to pick their own route through Basswood, choosing how to proceed and deciding exactly how much Sam is willing to sacrifice of himself and his relationships to get to the bottom of a puzzle. Check out the new teaser trailer to get better acquainted with Same and head over to the Epic Game Store to check out Twin Mirror.


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