Twin Mirror Lost on Arrival Prepares Us For Basswood

twin mirror lost on arrival

Anybody patiently waiting for the launch Twin Mirror can prepare ahead of next month’s launch with the new online experience, Twin Mirror Lost on Arrival.

Announced by developer Dontnod, Twin Mirror Lost on Arrival is an online accompaniment to the fully fledged adventure that will arrive on 1 December across PC, via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Available right now and up until 30 November, Lot on Arrival throws players into the heart of a mystery. After finding a lost phone in front of a local watering hole. Heading out from The Coal Miner’s Haven, this narrative will shed light on Twin Mirror’s characters and the town of Basswood, as well as introducing the game’s soundtrack, exclusive artwork & screenshots.

Grab Your Phone

Taking the form of a lost phone adventure, similar to titles like Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, Lost on Arrival doesn’t just provide plenty of intrigue. Players who manage to make it through to the end of this puzzle will find themselves up with a chance to nab a specially customized gaming pc, courtesy of Gigabyte, as well as 20 pre-order keys for the full adventure.

Twin Mirror is a mystery adventure that follows a former investigative journalist. As he returns to the town of Basswood he discovers a mystery that seems to hide a dark secret in this otherwise placid town. Using a unique device called a mind palace, Sam can put the pieces of this puzzle together while players unravel the dark secrets behind Sam’s past and Basswood. As Dontnod’s first self published title, Twin Mirror injects some interesting new ideas into a firmly established history of fantastic storytelling.

Anybody interested in taking on Twin Mirror Lost on Arrival can head over to the website at before Twin Mirror arrive son PC and console.

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