Twitch Announces Its Own Streaming Software!

Anyone and everyone who has been drawn to live streaming game play has more than likely started off the same way “hmmm, OBS or Xsplit?” – off to social media I go to ask!

Once you make that first decision things get a little complicated. In a nutshell, there is a learning curve to getting your stream  to not only look ok but to also share info that helps folks either get to know you or where else to find you without covering game play on your screen so viewers see everything. At the same time you’ll also need to try and achieve the opposite – hiding game play all together when you have to make that secret map ping to your team mates or just go to the bathroom.

This is just the beginning before you even turn your camera on!

Twitch offers the perfect platform for broadcasting yet it has never provided the software so you can do just that as quickly as possible but all of this is about to change!


Beta testing opened today at Twitch Studios for an all in one streaming app that cuts down on the guess work to setup a quality stream and engage with your community.

Streamers are at the core of every community on Twitch. When new streamers want to go live for the first time and start sharing their passions with the world, they should be able to do so with our full support. From setting up your stream to building your community, we saw an opportunity to simplify things for streamers who are just getting started – Hubert Thieblot Creator Product.

The “Twitch Studio Beta” is being developed with guided set up assistance, optimal settings including mic & camera connection – all the way to applying custom templates and built in activity feed alerts for your chat audience.


Twitch Studios are accepting sign ups for BETA testing reminding folks that not everyone will be selected straight away but watch your email for possible invites over time!

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  1. Its about time.

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