Twitch Monthly Recap February

Was this truly the month of Love?

This month has been an odd ball month as far as vibes go, which Twitch is built upon. Yes, the love was definitely there especially with Black History Month, Valentines and a wider spread of Twitch Prime games but there is a subject stirring across the internet. Read the recap to find out what.


Global Rewards Arrive – Using Bits
Woman’s History Month – Announcement for March
Stream On – 14 Participants Revealed

Payment Method Update – Paying made easier.
Chinese Lunar New Year – Overwatch Puppy Rumble
Have you noticed drops? – Twitch highlight games with drops in them.
Rooms – Custom chat rooms arrive
Reddit AMA – With Anthony Kongphan
Feel the love this Valentine’s Day – 5 Streamer couples that have met on the internet or Twitch itself share the love!
Earn new rewards for supporting your favorite creators – “Clip Champ” chat badge arrives.

More ModerationTwitch Clips
The Truth about Pizza – Twitch get’s it.
Moderation Changes – Twitch buckle down on hon moderation and enforcement policies
February Cosplay Showcase – Four incredibly creative cosplay outfits!
Celebrate African-American History Month -Twitch started off the month by celebrating Black History Month with African-American Twitch partners being spotlighted throughout the month.


TWITCH Amplifier
Devil May Cry
Paladins returns
Madden Ultimate Team


Twitch has been spending this month hyping Twitch bit currency used to cheer on streamers but as I referred at the beginning of this article; something is stirring and that something has to do with streamers actually being banned because chat members are giving them bits! As shared on Reddit folks are up in arms that their favorite streamers are being banned for something they have no control over, demanding Twitch be accountable.

We will keep an eye on this subject and look forward to marching into the next month!

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