Twitch Settles Debate On Who Has The Most Concurrent Viewers.


For the second day in a row Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm has broken Twitch upon going live after his return yesterday to live streaming ending an almost two month hiatus that saw the Slick Daddy Club now evolve into the Champions Club, along with a ton of UI updates, the introduction of a mod-less (bots only) chat and emote changes.

In January, League of Legends champion Tyler “lolTyler1” Steinkamp also returned in similar fashion after being banned from LoL for toxic behaviour breaking Twitch setting a new world record for concurrent viewers by a solo streamer then, fueling debate around the globe on whether DrDisrespect could break this record. The friendly rivalry between the two went as far as to encourage actual bets and fans were not disappointed:

What was thought to originally be a 400,000 Tyler goal to beat, was also confirmed today at 386, 000 putting DrDisrespect at the top though anyone who was watching was sitting there marveling at donations taking in the impact DrDisrespect has on the Twitch community.


Today DrDisrespect also confirmed that the Champions Club received 15,000 subscriptions yesterday perhaps breaking another world record for Twitch! Yes, DrDisrespect mentioned his infidelity as well as the steps he and “Mrs Assassin” are taking together to build a stronger and better relationship supported by references to the removed gin and tonic emote as Drdisrespect also shared that he no longer drinks. His return is an overhaul steamroller as Drdisrespect makes it very clear, whether you love or hate him he is going to dominate 2018 and isn’t far at all from the truth for claiming that he truly is the face of Twitch.


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