Twitch Superstar Ninja Moves Exclusively To Mixer

Social media platforms are ablaze with the announcement that Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has begun streaming on Mixer.

This is a major shock to the gaming world as Ninja has gathered 14 million followers along with 40,000 unique hits every week on streaming platform Twitch. Rising to fame with the international success of battlegrounds game Fornite, Ninja began gaming professionally with Halo 3 in 2009. From teams like Cloud 9 to Team Liquid, it wouldn’t be until 2011 that Ninja would start streaming.

With Fornite’s run away success since launch in 2017, the recent Fornite World Cup this month proves in 2019 that the buzz for this game isn’t going anywhere soon so what better way to stay relevant than a move like this?

Having such a prominent figure move to Mixer is a welcome reprieve to gamers like myself who love to watch live gaming coverage as Twitch battles with its own identity crisis that lands them in very murky moderation and questionable content waters regularly.  Once a friendly platform with gaming at the forefront of its focus Twitch has slowly but surely encouraged an audience more focused on personal growth than gaming itself creating tension in almost every chat to the point that watching Twitch live streams are just not as fun as they use to be. One could argue that the lack of moderation standards across the whole platform, the muddle of categories that don’t focus on games and the continuing support of allowing partnered streamers to use Twitch as a gateway to their x-rated content would happen anywhere if it got as big as Twitch.

With this move by Ninja, maybe we will find out?

For a limited time you can head to Ninja’s Mixer channel for a free subscription!

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