Twitch & YouTube Game Critic Totalbiscuit Retiring due to health

Fans of the renowned “Brit Crit” Totabiscuit recieved sad news yesterday that is devastating for John “Totalbiscuit” Bain and his loved ones. Citing his failing health Totalbiscuit posted on r/Cynicalbritofficial that he believes he doesn’t have much time left.

A week or so ago Totalbiscuit learned conventional chemotherapy’s effectiveness had been exhausted.

“The majority of the pain is being caused by pressure on the spine from hardened nodules in the liver and lung as well as fluid. We haven’t fully explored the options for dealing with all of that, but its high priority so that my quality-of-life can improve. That’s what it comes down to now, getting my quality-of-life to as good a standard as possible. Even though you don’t really have any treatments to fight with any more, I firmly believe that the will to live is a very strong asset and that is much easier to maintain when you’re not in crippling pain all the time.

That will most likely be my last health update, unless some miracle happens or we do indeed find a trial that can do something despite the damage to my liver. I’d ask people not to speculate about how long I might have left. I’ve deliberately left out some details to try and reduce the behavior, though it might very well have the opposite effect. All I do know is that kind of thing is upsetting to some of my viewers that read it and I’d rather not encourage it. I’ve already exceeded the “usual” lifespan of someone with my condition so whatever numbers people come up with are just that.

Its now a case of “what do I do with the time I have left?” Why am I telling you? Because if you’re a viewer of my content, its relevant to you.”

Totalbiscuit then reassured folks that he is retiring as a critic, not as a Twitch or Youtube broadcaster. His very popular podcast Co-optional will also continue.

In true TB fashion he is candidly detailed, protective of what needs protecting – while looking toward the future with or without him in it. Everyone here at Gamespace and MMORPG totally get his need to change priorities and will continue to hope it’s a future with him in it, for a very long time. Thanking Totalbiscuit sincerely for all he continues to do for our gaming community, our humanity. Wishing him and his loved ones continued courage and kindness.

If you would like to support Totalbiscuit, please visit the subreddit post linked above. Thank you.

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