TwitchCon Amsterdam Cancelled

Twitch announced today that due to concerns over the Coronavirus they have decided to cancel TwitchCon Amsterdam. While this is disappointing for those who were planning to go, it is overall a smart decision by Twitch to think of the bigger picture considering people’s concerns over everything.

If you have booked through Twitch’s hotel block, cancellations can be done free of charge depending on the conditions of your booking though you will need to contact RAI Hotel Services to cancel, we cannot do so on your behalf. You can cancel online or send them an email on Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee refunds for those who booked outside of Twitch’s hotel block and you will need to contact the hotel or rental directly to discuss.

If you go to the main webpage for this they have an FAQ set up if you have any questions.

This has been a trend of late for conventions and may continue to be so for the rest of this yeat because of how the Coronovirus spreads. What are your thoughts about it?

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