Twitter of the Mafia Series is Back to Life – What is 2K Planning?

Twitter of the Mafia Series is Back to Life

Update: Brazil Rating Board has updated the ratings for Mafia 2 for PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Taiwan and Korea Rating Boards have rated the game as well. While there has been no official confirmation from Take-Two Interactive, the Mafia series Twitter account continues teasing the project.

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Hangar 13 and 2K Games released action-adventure game Mafia III in 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Every now and then there would be a bunch of rumors about the development of the sequel or a remake for the next generation of consoles but they were not supported by any evidence.

The official Mafia Game Twitter suddenly posted a new message after almost 2 years of silence. It contains one short word “Family”, but it was enough to fuel fans’ speculation as to the nature of it. Could 2K be planning a new installment in the series? Or are we looking at the possibility of a remake or a remaster?

Stay tuned to find out!

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